Public Relations trends 2016

The earliest of public relations, or PR, date back to the ancient civilization era, where public influence played a significant role in abolishing slavery in England. The public relations industry has since gone through tremendous transformation over the years. This is largely attributed to the ever-changing nature of conventional media, advent of new forms of online media outlets, continuous social media evolution as well as the shift away from consumption of traditional media.

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By and large, the way PR professionals conduct their business will continue to evolve, and we will have to work hard to keep up with the emerging trends. Here’s a look into some of the major trends that continue to impact the ever-changing PR industry.

Press Releases

Many forms of communication media are evolving, and press releases are no exception. While press releases still have a role to play in the dissemination of news, they need to be not only concise, but also engaging to remain relevant. Press releases are now making use of visual content as an improved way to engage reporters and editors.

Visual Storytelling

The ability to tell a captivating story on behalf of a client, and effectively selling the story to promote the client, remains a defining strength of solid public relations. Today there is even a greater need to embrace storytelling; visual and easily digestible storytelling. The content needs to be strategic and leverage visual elements in order to cut through the clutter.

Mobile Communication

Mobile marketing and mobile device adoption is rapidly growing and the impact of mobile on various industries is becoming increasingly noticeable. It’s highly likely that the audience you are targeting on behalf of your client, can access the Internet on the go. Therefore, you must have solid mobile strategies.

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Every PR professional’s dream is to get a campaign to go viral. This is with the hope of capitalizing on the resulting social media buzz to help build brand awareness. This tactic and attempt to replicate some of the successful online campaigns will continue into the future.

Real-Time Marketing

To those that possess the agility, flexible messaging based on-going events that can be conveyed quickly, has remained a brilliant PR strategy. Today, given the continued rise of social media adoption, this form of marketing needs to be a component of all PR drives and is an awesome way to display brand personality.

Hyper-Local Approaches

With the rise of new venues and outlets for publishing content, there is a growing need for Public Relation companies like San Francisco’s own Fineman PR to venture deep and develop exceedingly customized campaigns to find the most suitable subset of a niche market.

Paid Advertising

For your content to be seen by target audiences on social media, you have to pay for it. Social media networks, such as Facebook, are increasingly making it difficult for a business to get noticed without promotion. The trick is to create well-planned campaigns and focus on the right channels, in a bid to minimize your spending on marketing.


With the ever-changing world of social media, the increasing demand for visual content, and the shift away from consumption of traditional media, the way PR professionals conduct their business will continue to evolve.  You will have to devise new and more engaging ways to keep your clients relevant. Moreover, you need to be tactical and pre-emptive, and take your time to plan and stay ahead of clients’ needs.

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